How To Write An Effective Resume for Job Search in Canada

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It can be aggravating to apply for employment by posting your resume and not hearing back from employers. To remedy this, begin making minor changes to your resume that will assist you in receiving responses from employers. To assist you, we’ve put together a list of three things you can do to make your resume stand out and attract further responses.

Make each resume exclusive to the position you’re applying for

Always make sure your resume is tailored to each role before submitting it. This is critical, particularly if you want to stand out from the crowd and advance past the resume screening stage to the interview stage. Keep in mind that the first point of touch with the employer is your resume. It’s the employer’s first impression of you, and if your resume is generic or looks like any other resume , the employer is unlikely to contact you. It’s important to research the work posting before tailoring your resume to ensure you’re including what the employer is looking for. If you have that experience or expertise in any way, make sure the skills and responsibilities portion is transferred to your resume.

Rather than focusing on tasks, emphasize accomplishments

Frequently, job applicants only mention the activities they have completed and neglect to mention their accomplishments. Employers like to see that these assignments resulted in some kind of accomplishment. Achievements are an excellent way to catch an employer’s attention on a resume. This sentence, for example, simply states a task: “Provided a positive customer experience.” Changing it to “Provided a positive customer experience to 40-50 customers every day, ensuring customer retention” will make a significant difference in how employers perceive your resume. It expresses that the person communicated with a large number of customers and ensured that there was repeat service by performing the intended task.

Use keywords that are relevant to the position you’re applying for

Keywords are especially useful if you’re submitting an online application because many employers use online software to screen resumes, and keywords will help you get through that stage. You may be unsure what keywords are and where to look for them. Keywords can be found all over the work advertisement. Anything that has been listed several times should be included. Keywords may also refer to unique software needed for the job or a skill set such as interpersonal or technological skills. If you see numbers or figures, make sure to include them as well. Keywords are typically single words rather than full sentences. When adding it to your resume, we encourage you to use the keywords but rephrase the point in your own language. Employers would notice if you take the easy route and simply copied and pasted the points from the work posting, and this will give them the impression that you lack experience.