Tips to find a Job in Canada during Covid-19

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Even though a lot has changed in the last year, newcomers’ top priority is always finding and holding a job in Canada. This has always been a difficult task, and COVID-19 has made it even more difficult. However, there is some good news: due to technology and the opportunity to work from home, there are still plenty of job opportunities, even though the easiest ways to find work have changed. Here are some helpful hints for navigating this period of confusion and ensuring that you have the best possible chance of being heard by a Canadian employer.

  • Accept that things have changed.

Many online resources that provide knowledge about job searching in Canada are now outdated and ineffective. You must recognise that the job recruiting process in Canada has changed significantly, and you will need up-to-date details about how to perform your job search.

  • Maintain a good attitude.

Even if the businesses you want to work for aren’t recruiting right now, it’s important to remember that the situation is constantly changing. Maintaining a positive outlook and being able to seize opportunities when they arise will place you on the road to success.

  • Wait patiently.

As a newcomer to Canada, you can find that applying for work takes a long time. And after you’ve started the company’s recruiting process, getting through the interview stages will take weeks.

  • Be open to a career change.

When you plan to move to Canada, you should be as flexible as possible. You could discover that you can work in a field you had never considered before and that you enjoy it. When it comes to your job quest, casting a wider net will open more doors and improve your chances of finding employment in Canada quickly.

  • Don’t be fearful of part-time jobs.

If you are unable to find permanent jobs, you should consider temporary work. Many businesses have altered their hiring practices. If you do a good job in this role, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to move into a permanent position when the time comes. Also, any job experience in Canada is highly valuable and will set you apart from other newly arrived immigrants. During this unpredictable period, volunteering can also be an excellent way to gain Canadian job experience.

  • Ensure that your online presence is in good working order.

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and proofreading it has always been an important part of the work hunt. This is more critical than ever now that employers are increasingly relying on digital introductions. Your electronic resume and online application will be the first point of contact with any employer, so they need to be flawless and help you stand out.

  • Speak with experts.

Since everyone’s situation is unique, being able to consult with an expert on how to find employment in Canada can be highly beneficial. Live webinars are an excellent way to communicate with an expert and get answers to your questions.