Other Services offered by PIS

Studying in Canada

There are many other services, applications with regards to your Canada immigration which are offered by Pentagon Immigration Services and in some cases with collaboration with our strategic partners to provide you with the best and expert services related to your Canada immigration needs.

1PR card Replacement & Renewal

Replace your PR card:

PR card is your legal, government recognized document to prove your status in Canada as a Permanent Resident. You must have a valid PR card to travel in and out of Canada. If your PR card is lost, stolen or damaged you need to complete and submit an application. Your application must be correct and you must ensure that you have included all the required forms and documents with your application depending on your situation to avoid any potential application refusal.

Renew your PR card:

You PR card must be valid when you enter Canada. If your PR card is expiring within 6 months, it’s time to apply for renewing your PR card. You cannot enter Canada with expired PR card.

If your PR card is expired or it is lost, stolen or damaged while you are outside Canada, you can apply for “Permanent Resident Travel Document” (PRTD) which facilitates permanent resident a single entry to Canada.


Becoming Canadian Citizen is a dream for many people in Canada. There are many paths to Canadian citizenship. Canadian permanent residents can apply for citizenship after staying for at least 3 years in 5 years before applying. In addition there are few other requirements you will need to meet before you can apply for citizenship. Also you may need to take a Canadian citizenship test depending on your situation followed by a citizenship ceremony.

As per Canadian law any one born on Canadian soil (regardless of their status) becomes Canadian citizen automatically.

Canada recognizes dual citizenship. Canadian law does not require you to give up your current citizenship once you become a Canadian citizen.

3Visa Refusals & Immigration Appeals

Have you applied for temporary or permanent residence in Canada and your application has been refused? We can help you challenge the negative decision on your file if the decision made is either wrong in law or in fact or both.

A negative decision on your application made by IRCC can be either appealed before Immigration Appeal Division OR presented to the Federal Court depending on your situation. For example, refusal on your family sponsorship application can be appealed before Immigration Appeal Division where as your application for permanent residence (as a skilled worker), study or work permit can be contested before the Federal court.

4Resettlement Services

As we are dedicated for your Canada immigration needs so we are for your settlement in Canada. We can help you make your settlement in Canada smooth and hassle-free with the help of our strategic partners.

Quick Facts:

  • If you are in Canada and your PR card is expired, you are still a Permanent Resident.
  • If must stay in Canada for at least 2 years in every 5 years to maintain your PR status.
  • You are not required to have a valid PR card to apply for citizenship in Canada.
  • You can count each day you have lived in Canada as a temporary resident as one half day (up to max 365 days) towards your residency requirement for citizenship.
  • There is no appeal right for ‘Inside Canada class spousal sponsorship’ application.

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